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Big Election Day Wins for FKG and Uppercase Clients
Monday, November 12, 2018

Now that the dust has settled from the November elections, the FKG Team would like to offer our congratulations to two of our clients who won impressive victories: Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma/Yes on SQ 794 and Oklahomans Against 793.
Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma ran an impressive campaign and won an overwhelming victory, with 78% of voters supporting their proposal for stronger Constitutional protections for victims. We have enjoyed working on this great cause for almost two years. In 2017, we successfully worked to introduce the resolution that added SQ 794 to the ballot and helped shepherd it through the Legislature with strong bipartisan support. In 2018, our sister company, Uppercase Strategies, took over public relations work for the campaign, building a powerful network of online advocates via social media and working to share compelling stories with the public.   

(VIDEO: Actor Kelsey Grammer told his powerful story in support of Marsy's Law and State Question 794)

While SQ 794 won in a landslide, Oklahomans Against 793 startled many political-insiders by pulling off a come-from-behind victory (winning by less than one percentage point) against one of the most well-funded ballot initiatives in state history. Powered by a strong network of optometrists and the Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians (OAOP), the “no” campaign developed a winning message and used cutting edge political targeting to find their audience. FKG and Uppercase were proud to serve as the general consultant and public relations team for this campaign and will continue to advocate for responsible vision health policies through our work with the OAOP. 

(WATCH: Videos like this one went viral and were seen by hundreds of thousands of voters on YouTube and Facebook)

While FKG will always pride ourselves on our government relations and lobbying work, we believe that important public policy decisions are increasingly decided at the ballot and directly influenced by media, social media, and conversations outside of the State Capitol. That’s why we continue to expand our services, adding resources for clients and launching a full-service marketing and public relations firm: Uppercase Strategies. If you would like to learn more about the services we can offer your business or association, please reach out to and we will schedule a call with one of our partners.
Our goal is to use every tool available to deliver results to our clients. We were proud to help deliver two big wins last week, and looking forward to many more.